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I was lucky enough to be a witness to Sarah's transformation; from a first-year circus student into a professional circus artist. Calm, dedicated and hard working in training... on stage elegant and unstoppable like a force of nature. She is a charming personality with an unbelievable sense of balance.
Piotr Zdanowicz
Head coach and teacher of the circus department of Die Etage


Sarah is always available and motivated for various video and photographic projects. She has many creative ideas that reflect her passion and talent for the circus. It is a pleasure to work with an artist who is full of energy, kind and always smiling.
Régine Lehmann


Sarah has the ability to create real artistic masterpieces. Mix of graceful movements, with the craziness of technical tricks. She transports you into her world with numbers faithful to herself. Mixing humor and sensuality she always keep a poetic touch
Yvon Fragnière
Circus artist


I met Sarah when I created my first show in Switzerland; She is a committed, hardworking and generous artist. She has the sense of the stage, she knows how to let go when it is necessary and knows how to serve and dedicated herself to her work, she is an artisan. She has a strong presence and grace on stage, she is an Edelweiss, elegant, wild and rare. My next show won't happen without her...
Olivier Sabin
Comedian and stage director


For the last three years Sarah has been one of the artists who has worked with us regularly in very diverse projects in Zirkus Mond Berlin. She is a person who adapts easily to the needs of the show, likes to work in a team and always gives the best of herself. In her personal creations she has an exceptional artistic sense that leaves no audience indifferent. Sarah is a great professional with whom I hope to continue working for many years.
Juan Migami
Programmer for Zirkus Mond, Berlin